Jama’ah Times

Main feature of the website is the Jama’ah Times. Every care has been taken to ensure that all the times have been written down correctly, however, if there are any discrepancies found we urge people to contact us and we will try to rectify it immediately.

For Maghrib salah, we have intentionally displayed the beginning time of Maghrib. Jama’ah usually starts a few minutes after the beginning time, though this varies from mosque to mosque.


We have included beginning times of salah as a separate link for those who require it.

We have included the two beginning times for ‘Asr salah (first and second Mithl) to cater for the difference of opinions on when it begins.


Since most mosques print their own Ramadhan timetables which may have slight differences in jama’ah times, usually for Fajr and Maghrib salah, we advise that you refer to the individual mosque’s Ramadhan timetable.